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For individual sessions I offer both mental health counseling and nutritional counseling and education. If you feel unsure about which path is right for you or feel like you want a combination of both, no worries; we'll work together to see what aligns best with your goals. Currently all services are provided over telehealth (internet sessions) in order to provide safest practice during COVID-19. When safe, in-person sessions will be offered in Seattle (one day per week) and Everett, WA. Clients must reside in Washington State in order to receive online services. 


Check back for developing groups and classes, online offerings such as classes, videos, and material, and workshops/education/public speaking events and bookings such as workshops for professionals on bringing the Health at Every Size material to the workplace, or workshops for schools to help bring Body Acceptance to children and adolescents. Click on each section to learn more about what I offer. 

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Services: Treatments
Services: Treatments
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