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Below is a list of some providers that I recommend who work out of the Health at Every Size paradigm and also prioritize creating identity affirming spaces. The information on this page does not substitute for individual medical and mental health advice.

Dr. Lily Stokely, ND (pronouns: she/her)
Naturopathic primary care physician, with specialty in eating disorder prevention and treatment.

Dr. Claire Hannes, ND and Dr. Kelly Bowen, ND (providers who work with Dr. Lily Stokely)

Dr. Jess Gee, ND, MPH (pronouns: they/them)
Naturopathic physician, community health educator, specializing in identity affirming care, working with other birth educators and providers at Yarrow Community Care & Clinic.

Dr. Lisa Erlanger, MD (pronouns: she/her)

Medical Doctor and Body Trust Provider who works in the HAES paradigm.

Britt Murphy, ARNP

Dr. Kara Menzer, ND


Dr. Helen Kinsel, ND- works with kids!

Currently found at Eastside Natural Medicine. 


Andrew Zarate, MSW, RDN
Social worker and dietitian who specializes in eating disorders, HIV/AIDS, and working with the LGBTQIA+ community.

Mimosa Collins and Dianne Summers- 

Lindsay Birchfield, RD, LDN, CD (pronouns: they/them)

Dietitian, health and body activist, who specializes in weight-neutral and radical nutrition care. 

Virginia Newman, RDN, CD (pronouns: she/her)

Dietitian and Certified Body Trust Provider passionate about helping clients heal relationship with body and food.

Erin Phillips, MPH, RD, CDE (pronouns: she/her)

Dietitian and certified diabetes educator who specializes in diabetes care with a HAES lens.

Megan Cichy, RDN, CDERD, CD (pronouns: she/her)

HAES and body trust based dietitian at Rooted Heart Healthcare, training to be a Certified Body Trust Provider. 

Amee Severson and Caity Robinson

Aster Galloway and Sara Mussa at Have Heart Wellness:

Kelly Martin

Sunrise Nutrition

Kellan Morgan- Dietitian that works with Dr. Stokely at Rooted Heart/One Connection Healthcare.

Kailey Adkins- works with teens and adults.


Kristy Fassio, LMHCA

Therapist and Certified Body Trust Provider who specializes in fat positive eating disorder work, clients with binge-eating, and movement.

Parisa Emam, MS, LMFT (prounouns: she/her)

Licensed marriage and family therapist whose work is trauma informed and rooted in social justice and specializes in HAES, trauma work, and working with LGBTQIA folx and folx with disabilities/chronic illness.

Elissa Dahl, LMHCA, CN (pronouns: she/her)

Therapist and certified nutritionist specializing in HAES work grounded in social justice and intersectional feminism.

Emma Doerner, LMHCA, CN (pronouns: she/her)

Therapist and certified nutritionist also specializing in HAES therapy and nutrition work, eating disorder and body image work, and Intuitive Eating nutrition work.

Amber Rice, LMFT (pronouns: she/her)

Marriage and family therapist also specializing in HAES work, trauma work, and a Certified Body Trust Provider. Also a supervisor for LMFTA's and LMHCA's.

Have Heart Wellness

Many amazing providers including therapists and dietitians that specialize in LGBTQIA+, fat positive, poly and kink friendly, somatic theories, trauma informed, and sex worker affirming care.

Sunrise Nutrition:

Angela Pham:

(These websites have Provider Search tools in order to find a provider in your area or specialty.)

Certified Body Trust Provider (Be Nourished) Search

Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) Provider Search

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