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Nutritional Counseling: Welcome


Nutrition Sessions
My nutrition work is informed by the Health at Every Size®, Body Trust®, Intuitive Eating and Eating Competence paradigms and I take a weight-neutral approach to nutrition education and counseling. Our nutrition sessions are driven by what you would like to learn and can include:

-supportive nutrition for mental health

-nutrition counseling support for disordered eating or eating disorders

-education and processing about the Health at Every Size, Body Trust, and Intuitive Eating frameworks 

-basic nutrition information

-balancing meals

-recipes and special meal plan ideas (vegetarian, vegan, whole foods, etc.)

-cooking lessons and grocery store trips

-education on whole foods and all foods fit models

-balancing blood sugar

-healing relationship with food and body

-incorporating nutrition and movement goals

-general nutrition support from a HAES lens for numerous medical conditions including blood health, adrenal health, gut and digestive health, fertility, PCOS, "prediabetes" and more.

Nutritionist vs. Dietitian
I am a Certified Nutritionist in Washington State which means that I have a Master's Degree in Nutrition. Nutritionists and Dietitians are a bit different as Dietitians can work in hospitals and give meal plans and nutrition care for specific disease states such as Cancer, Kidney Disease, Liver Disease and more. A nutritionist in Washington state (that's me!) can still talk about many things nutrition-wise, work with folks who have discorded eating and eating disorders at the outpatient level and work with relationship to food and body and how it impacts health conditions and I am certified by Washington state to do just that. I work closely with many dietitians and if we determine together that you need this type of support, or a higher level of care, I am happy to refer you to many great providers. 

Nutritional Counseling: About


I can currently accept Regence (and BCBS plans that are processed through Regence such as Anthem BCBS, Bridgespan, or other BCBS plans), Premera, First Choice and Kaiser PPO plans that allow First Choice providers to be used.   Check at the FAQ section for a list of questions that you will need to ask your insurance company about your nutrition counseling benefits. Thankfully, many insurance companies offer unlimited nutritional counseling sessions for many of their plans. 

I can also take HSA cards. 

Many insurance providers reimburse out of network nutrition appointments and it may be possible that yours does as well. Ask your insurance company if they will reimburse an out of network Certified Nutritionist. 
Consultation Phone Call (15 Minutes)-  Free

If you are interested in working together we will have a phone call to help us determine if we are a good fit for one another, talk about scheduling and frequency, and determine best course of action. 

Initial Session (90 Minutes)- $315

The initial session involves taking a detailed intake, including getting information about your eating patterns, nutrition goals, and overall health and getting to know each other in order to set goals for our work together.  A 75-90 minute first session is required in order to give appropriate time to form a solid foundation, go over vital paperwork together, and give us a map of where to go in our sessions. 

Ongoing Sessions (60 Minutes, or longer)- $180 per hour 

Ongoing sessions are usually 50-60 minutes but can be longer if we decide together that this is more appropriate for you. 

*Please note: these rates reflect my insurance rates. I can provide 'pay at time of service' discounts for self-pay clients.

Equity Pricing and Sliding Scale
I acknowledge the intentional systems of power that create privilege and access or lack thereof and that I benefit from. Nutrition care has historically been a luxury for white, able-bodied, cis-gender people in higher socioeconomic groups and these systems of inequity and power have specifically barred access to wellness services and health care in general to Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Queer/Trans folx, and disabled folx. I have a few sliding scale equity-based pricing slots that are available in order to attempt to create some push back to these systems and these are given (as possible) by request. Folx who identify as Black/brown/POC, Indigenous, disabled, LGBTQIA2S+, low-income, or fat will be given priority for sliding scale spots. Clients who can pay the full fee provide a sustainable model for those who cannot afford it. 

Please disclose you are seeking a sliding scale nutrition slot when you make your first contact and I will let you know if one is available. 

*Please note: Currently my lowest sliding scale nutrition offering is $70 per hour. I understand that this is still very inaccessible for some people and hope to offer even more accessible rates in the future.

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